Hotmail Registration Problems

For numerous years I have held email accounts at most of the typical places where you would find webmail. I have had accounts with both Yahoo! and Hotmail and during the course of years prior to this year, the registration process has always been a bit difficult to handle.  Mostly this was due to the issue of creating a username which would be unique from anyone elses’. This may not sound like a big deal to you but try working with around 10-15 people at once and you will then realize that it can be very difficult in creating a username that is difference from everyone elses’.  If you are an experienced web-based email holder, you may be all too well familiar with the headaches and pain of creating the perfect “username”. 

In the past, Hotmail guided you through the first series of questions which included the creation of the “username”. After you finished this first series of questions, you then would click on “continue” to continue to the next section of the registration procedures. At this point is when problems would occur. It would say that “such and such username” is already in use and to please create another one. It would even give you suggestions as to what you could use for a username. If you didn’t want to use the suggested usernames, you could simply create another one. This process would go on and on until a username was finally created.

Well, within the last few months Hotmail has changed their registration procedures, which has made it a whole lot easier to create an account. Instead of waiting until you continued to the next page to find out whether your username was already taken, you now can found out on the first page of the registration. Here is what you get instead:


Beneath the “username” box you have “Check Availability” which allows you to check the availability of the username. In fact, if the username is not available, it will tell you so and you will have to try something else.


15 thoughts on “Hotmail Registration Problems

  1. I changed my password from woody66 approx 3 weeks ago and not used the email since I can’t remember the new password and don’t remember my secret question answer as my ex-partner set the account up for me who is now being awkard and won’t tell me says she’s forgotten. Can I get this sorted as I have vital mail I need to get to. I have another e-mail if you can foward the info on I would be very greatful

  2. my computer broke down because of a virus. 41 actually!! After it was repaired i tried to get on my hotmail account
    ( but could not remember my password as it was a long time ago and i couldnt remember where i had it written down. Is there any way you can forward it to me as this account obviously has my hotmail addresses and e-mails in it and i dont want to lose them. I dont understand why it doesnt just sign me back in automatically as it always has done in the past? Hope to hear back a.s.a.p from you. Patricia

  3. Hello. For some reason I just can’t get an account at hotmail because it’s chinese. I asked my mom about it but she can’t find a link that says: Sign up.

  4. my Email required me to sign in as it change from to, Iforgot my password and tried to reset it, now that Ive made all these changes I am confused and do not remember what is what. The only thing I know for sure is that my e mail address was selfrob1@msn. presently I cannot send or receive e mail at msn. Ihave an address at selfrob1@bellsouth any help would be appriciated

  5. From day one I have had problems signing on to check my e-mail. I am now receiving messages to check it and get a message in my inbox. If I can’t open up my e-mail I can’t check the inbox. There is always some difficulties. Thank you so much if you can help me out.

  6. I had AOL for the past two years, there were too many pop ups and slow in opening,then decided to go with hotmail, when I tried to register I was advise to enter msn and told them that what I needed was hotmai, msn said that could use hotmail with msn. At the begining I was set up for two account for opening, msn and hot mail with separate password. It worked fine until few weeks later. I was not able to enter at my hotmail address, nor use my hotmail password but had to enter through msn and every time I pressed under the name of hotmail it did not allowed me.
    It seems that ever since I entered msn I have been having too many headaches and frustrations everytime I open msn.

  7. when i try to sign in my e-mail address’’. it cannot sign me because it says the password or the e-mail address is incorrect. and as far as i know both the password and emial address are i was hoping if you could send the password to another e-mail address which is ‘’.

  8. msn will not accseped my email adress and will not let me in to the live messaging center with friends and family.And i don’t know what to do. Do you think you could get me in to msn? or no? Because all my friends have it accseped me.And i really want it, can you help me?

    georgia newon
    P.S i dont think i have e-mail either so i don’t know how you will get a hold of me.

  9. Gee thanks for this wonderful post! You always give us great information. I personally find this interesting and really clears me off from my questions.

    I’m, beginning to know that I really learn lesser than I knew..


    thanks mate!

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