What is Brainboost? Brainboost is an answer engine which will find web pages which will answer your question directly. With a search engine, they find web pages that has your search terms somewhere in their text. Brainboost is just one example of an answer engine.

How do you use an answer engine?

  • Type in your question in plain English.


  • If I was wanting to know where “Birmingham, Alabama” was located I would type in: “Where is Birmingham, Alabama”, without the quotation marks. There is no need to type in question marks.

Here are some results that I received:


On the left hand side of the screen there is a list of related questions.  To the right is the answers the “Brainboost” found to the initial question. Beside each answer there is “thumbs-up” icon which you can use if the information that was found was helpful. Beside that icon is another icon which looks like two pieces of paper overlapping. This is used to open the results in a new window. Also there is the words “Read More”. When clicked on, it will display the results right beneath the answer.

If you want to know how BrainBoost works and how to be able to use it to the maximum, click on the “How is BrainBoost different from other search engines?” link, which is located on the Home page. Then be sure to read the comprehensive description.


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