Uninstalling Programs in Windows

 A special thanks to Alan Davis for todays post.

Uninstalling programs on Windows 

  1. Select start.
  2. Move mouse to “settings” (in menu).
  3. Select “control panel” (Should appear in the menu of settings).
  4. A new window should pop up,
  5. Ok now every version of windows is setup different.
  6. If this window a blue background with eight too ten icons then look on the right hand side of the window. Select the under lined words that say “windows classic view” or “windows classic” or “classic view”. It will then turn into a standard windows folder with many icons.(go to step 8)
  7. If this window already looks like a windows folder with many icons see the next step.(go to step 8)
  8. Select the icon that reads “add & remove programs” .
  9. A new window should popup.
  10. The window will say wait while list of programs is being populated.
  11. When the list is finished it will appear with many of the programs on your computer.
  12. Scroll down to the program you wish to remove and left click on it.
  13. To the right of the programs name should be an option box that says “change or remove” “change or uninstall” “change” “uninstall” .
  14. If it gives you the option to remove or uninstall then click on it.
  15. Once you have selected it a box may appear asking if you wish to remove this program then click on yes.
  16. Other boxes may pop up during this time.
  17. “Do you wish to remove shared files” select no.
  18. “Do you wish to restart your computer” select yes, but only after you have saved all files.



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