Save Energy…Use Blackle

What is Blackle and how can it save you energy? In its most basic form Blackle is Google but with a black background instead of the eye-piercing white you see when conducting a search. It was created by Heap Media and the basic concept surrounding the use of Blackle is this: Blackle saves energy by using a black background instead of the white we have all become familiar with. It takes more energy and power to display the white Google background.

Even though the savings is small, the savings do add up over time. Every time that we open Blackle, we will be reminded that we need to keep doing small steps to conserve energy.

To take a look at Blackle, click here.


7 thoughts on “Save Energy…Use Blackle

  1. I use which is similar to greenle but it saves more energy. It is hosted on a server that is powered by wind and sun energy. Black search engines do not save energy as they claim and also my eyes twitch after seeing that black background.

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