Winding Down for the Year

Well, the RLCC is winding down for the year. The last class that will be taught this year will be held tomorrow morning between 9:30-12:30. The class is Basic Internet. If interested in attending the class, there is no need to call and register, since we have plenty of space. Just be here about 10-15 minutes early so you can be guarranteed a “seat” in the class.

We are in the midst of working on the class schedule for 2008. The classes will be different from those held in the past. Please stay tuned for further information regarding these classes. Information about the classes should be available in mid-December at the latest.

Since there are no classes held in November or December of each year, the hours for the RLCC will be changing as well for those two months only. With the exception of staff training classes, we should be open every day now during these months. The following is the schedule for the RLCC in November and December:

Mon & Tues:  9-7:30

Wed-Sun: 9-5:30


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