Computer Classes for April and May

April 2008

iGoogle:  April 1st
Basic PC:  April 5th, April 14th
PowerPoint Basics:  April 7th
Excel Basics:  April 8th, April 28th
Scouting out to Kill a Mockingbird:   April 12th
Basic Email Instruction:  April 15th
Microsoft Word Basics:  April 19th
Labels and Letterheads:  April 26th
Digital Photography:  April 29th

May  2008

Basic Internet: May 3rd
Basic PC:  May 5th, May 24th
Blogging with Blogger: May 6th
Publisher Basics: May 10th
Microsoft Word Basics Pt 1: May 12th
Microsoft Word Basics Pt 2: May 19th
Instant Messaging: May 13th
Excel Basics: May 17th
Travel on the Web: May 20th
Social Networking for Parents: May 27th
PowerPoint Basics: May 31st

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