Alternatives to Microsoft Word

In recent days my computer as decided that it is time to shut down when I open up Microsoft Word or try to open up any kind of Word document. Until the problem is solved there are several remedies that I could use temporarily. First there are portable office suites that you can install on your flash drive. It isn’t Microsoft Word but they work basically the same way. One portable app is called Open Office. It is also available for download to a computers hard drive as well. Open Office is one alternative office suite that is most similar to Microsoft Word and it is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Another method of using office suites is to use online office suites like Google Docs or Zoho. Both of these office suites are free to use. You must first create an account. The downside to using online office suites is that there is not guarantee that the Internet service will always be available. Things happen and when things happen you lose power which means you lose your Internet connection. On the other hand, online apps are pretty much available at any Internet connected computer. You don’t need to download any special package in order to use it.

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