Take a “test” to see what career fits you

Finding a job in your field of interest can be a rewarding, especially when it aligns with your interests. Did you know that you can use our free computer services to take a Career Interest Assessment? It helps you discover your area of interests and apply those to help you choose a career path.

There are 180 statements that you rank from “Like,” “Dislike,” or “Unsure.” The results will show which careers and industries best match your interests. These areas are divided into six categories: Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising, Investigative, Realistic, and Social. Understandably, no one fits into just one category, so your findings will be displayed in ranking order, from the most relevant to the least relevant to your answers.

Keep in mind that this assessment is not a test. It is not meant to tell you which career you MUST choose or SHOULD be in. It merely tells you which occupation or field you might be interested in exploring, based on your answers. Take the test often and see if your interests change over time. Click here to take the assessment.

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