Q&A: Plugged or Unplugged?

Question: When your laptop’s battery is charged at 100%, should you leave it plugged in or should you unplug it once it hits 100%? Does it affect your battery life?

Answer: There is really no “right” answer, since it can depend on your laptop’s design and manufacturer. It also depends on your battery type. According to experts and blog contributors, leaving it plugged in won’t make much of a difference. What shortens the battery life is the temperature. If your computer gets hot, it will shorten the battery life. Some suggest if you are going to keep it plugged in, to remove the battery and place it somewhere cool. Others say the benefits of removing the battery are minimal.

When you have a fully charged battery, it stops receiving charging energy, and this energy is bypassed to the power supply system of the laptop. Having your computer charged is especially helpful if your laptop is generating a lot of heat. Remember, heat is the greatest enemy of your laptop’s battery, not the plug.

Furthermore, leaving it plugged in does not show to lessen the laptop’s battery life. If you are still concerned, you may consider turning off your laptop at night and leave it plugged in. Keeping your laptop properly charged and cooled off may add the extra lifespan you desire.

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