10 Tips for Resume Writing

1. Use a great layout. There are many resume templates available online and from programs. You can use these or you can create your own. Get creative but not too creative.

2. Justify the text instead of using left align. Using a justified text format is easier to follow.

3. Choose a common font. Some fonts are hard to read, and most computers do not have specialized fonts. The common ones are Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana. Do not use cutesy graphics such as candy canes or teddy bears if you want to be taken seriously.

4. Do not use the word “I.” Start each sentence with a powerful verb. For example:

  • Created customer service manual used by the department and adopted by others in the system
  • Implemented an annual customer appreciation campaign

5. Write a proper cover letter for each position to which you apply. Basic business etiquette dictates that you do not send out a resume and application without a cover letter. Make it personal. If possible, address it directly to a specific person.

6. Proof your resume carefully. Make sure your grammar and spelling are flawless.

7. If you have a degree, only list the year you obtained your degree. Many places that scan resume may not read that you obtained a degree, only that you attended college.

8. Remove any hyperlinks in your resume and cover letter. Active hyperlinks are not necessary and often disrupt the format of your resume.

9. Be consistent. Make sure you list items, programs, and other things that same way. Pay attention to detail.

10. Adhere to punctuation and capitalization rules. Use a reference manual if you do not understand standard punctuation and capitalization rules.

You can also read the RLCC Class Training handout for “Creating your Resume.”

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