Free Online Learning

There’s no beComputer Clip Arttter time than now to learn a new skill or take an educational course of personal interest to you.  Well, I would like to introduce several free online learning websites.  Yes, that’s right.  You can choose courses and learn skills all for free.  Also, learn at your own pace and connect with fellow learners and instructors.  What an opportunity!

Coursera: Free Online Courses

This educational website offers courses online to anyone for free.  You may choose from hundreds (currently 955) of courses created by the top educational institutions.  The courses cover a broad range of subjects including biology, computer sciences, physics, health, math, education, social sciences and teacher professional development.  You may learn for fun or earn a verified certificate.


This educational site teaches you to code interactively for free.  You may choose to learn HTML & CSS, Python, Ruby or Javascript, as well as other programming languages.  You can learn to create a website, as well as style the site using CSS.  This is an interactive website which makes learning fun.  I recommend this resource for adults and teens who are interested in learning to code.

Khan Academy

“You can learning anything.”  This is a learning resource for all ages.  This site offers free outstanding educational resources for everyone.  Courses include math, science, art, music, computer programming, economics and more.  There are even free tools for parents and teachers.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get started on those goals today.  Lifelong learning is important.  You will definitely improve your skills and expand your horizons.


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