Access Your Information Anywhere

Desktop ComputerHow many times have you been unable to access your computer files away from home or edit a document?  Maybe you just don’t have your flash drive with you or a copy of that important document on your device.  Or, you would like to share a document with several of your colleagues.  Well, consider downloading the Dropbox app.

Dropbox allows you to access your documents, music, photos and video anywhere.  You can even edit documents and photos or videos to share with others.  You can control who sees a particular file.  You will never have to email yourself a copy of another file again.  This is a free service.  To get started, you ‘ll need to create an account on the Dropbox website.  Next, you’ll download the desktop application.  You can begin dragging and dropping your files into cloud storage.

You may also download the Dropbox app to your tablet.  This app is available for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Blackberry.  This will allow you to access your files anywhere at anytime.

I’ve used the Dropbox app for a few years now and have the assurance that my files are available anytime.  The app is simple and easy to use.  I’ve saved documents, as well as music, and enjoy being able to access my files on any computer and on my tablet.

Try the Dropbox application today.  You may view the Dropbox Website for more information.



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