Evernote For Book Lovers

Evernote image

Evernote is an outstanding productivity app which will allow you to organize information, take notes, scan books, clip websites and bookmark material.  If you love books, try using this app to organize all of your book and author related content.  You will have everything in one location.  The Evernote app will allow you to manage your information and work more efficiently.  Visit the website to download Evernote for Windows or Mac, as well as the Evernote app for mobile devices.  Now, there are even more ways to love books.  Get started today!


Create a list of books to read

Try using Evernote to create a list of books you would like to read.  You can store these in a “notebook” for future reference.  This makes things much easier than keeping track of paper lists.

Add book news and information you find on the web to a single list

You can use the web page clipper tool in the Evernote app to clip articles or web pages for future reference.  You can store this information into specific “notebooks.”  Now, when you browse the web and find book news, author information, or book lists, you can store the entire article or page to read later at your convenience.

 Collect favorite quotes or passages from print books

You can scan favorite quotes and passages from the Evernote app.  Just use the photo-capture feature in the app to scan passages from books or the entire book page.  This information is even searchable to make it easy to find specific words or text.


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