Online File Management

Have you ever wondered whether there was a storage system that you could use regardless of where you were? I am not speaking of the USB Flash Drives or floppy disks but of something that has the ability to transfer and store huge amounts of files without having to have an additional device. The downside to this is that you must be connected to the Internet. I have been using an online file management program for quite awhile now and I find it quite useful in keeping up with important files. This is not to say that I don’t have a backup on my USB, because I do. The online storage program simply makes it easier to access important files wherever you are. Not only can you access and store important files but you can also transfer files to another individual.

I have been using as my online storage program. It is very useful as I mentioned above as you can access, store or transfer any file that you desire. They have three different user levels. They are:

  • Individual 
  • Business
  • Enterprise

There are also several different plans. You can get a free 1 gigabyte of storage or you may opt to pay a monthly fee for more storage depending on your needs.

USB Drives with U3 software

As most of you know there are many USB Drives to choose from. In recent weeks, we have discovered a USB drive that has U3 software attached to the drive. Why the big fuss? Well, as it turns out, by having this feature on the drive the USB drive becomes useless at a Birmingham Public Library. Here’s the scoop on why U3 is a problem:

“Recently, flash drive manufacturers have been adding pre-installed software to some USB flash drives. These pre-installed applications are executed directly from specially formatted USB flash drives. One example of this added software is U3 “smart” software.
By design, U3 software attempts to install a virtual drive on computer systems when inserted so that it can run a U3 program manager. The library does not allow users have to have administrative privileges to add or re-configure software on library machines. For this reason, USB flash drives with U3 or similar software will not function on our public access computers.”

In summary, if you have a drive like the one mentioned above you will need to remove the U3 software from it in order to use the USB on any of the library’s public computers. To remove the software from the USB, you will need to use a removal tool which is downloadable from . Once the software is removed you will be able to use your USB drive normally on any PC. As staff members, we are not able to remove this software from your drive.