Word 2007 Compatibility Issue

Today I had a situation in which a patron needed to view a Word 2007 document and wasn’t able to because we have Office XP installed on our machines. There is a simple solution to this problem. Microsoft Office released a compatibility pack for those who don’t have Office 2007. The pack would allow users to view Microsoft Office 2007 documents using previous versions of Microsoft Office. The pack is for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

 “By installing the Compatibility Pack along side of Microsoft Office XP, or Office 2003, you will be able open, edit, save, and create files using the Open XML Formats new to the 2007 Microsoft Office system.”

I was able to open the document on my pc because the compatibility pack had been installed, otherwise I would have been in the same situation as this patron. Since I had the pack on my pc I was able to open the document and resave it under “.doc” instead of “.docx”.

There is another solution to this problem and that is by using http://www.zamzar.com. Zamzar converts one file type to another file type depending on what type of file you need. In this sitiuation I could have used Zamzar to convert this patrons document from “.docx” to “.doc”. The converted file is sent to your email account. This website has rescued me several times so I highly recommend it.

Adding Screenshots

Adding Screenshots to documents and presentations is really easy. Just follow these simple steps to add a screenshot image similar to this one:

 PowerPoint Screen Shot

  • To capture the screen image, simply press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It is usually located in the upper right corner and sometimes labeled “Prt Scrn.”
  • Open the document or presentation you want to place the image into.
  • Click “paste” on the standard toolbar.
  • Treat the screen shot just like any other image.
  • You can also paste the image in Microsoft Paint or another image editing software and make changes to it.