I am constantly reading blogs in search for new tools that I can write about on this blog as well as use on my personal computers. I came across one called FolderShare, which has blown my socks away! With Foldershare you can access, share and synchronize your files from any computer.

“FolderShareTM allows you to create a private peer-to-peer network that will help you to synchronize files across multiple devices and access or share files with colleagues and friends. You no longer need to send large files via email, burn them to CDs/DVDs and mail them, or upload them to a website. FolderShare allows you to share and sync important information instantly with anyone you invite, making it the perfect solution for personal or small business use.”

How can I use it?
  • Synchronize all your devices – Retrieve work files at home or access photos at work. With your devices in sync, you no longer have to be frustrated that your information is on another computer.
  • Share files, photos, and home videos with your peers – Select the content you want to share, invite members, and they will be able to access the shared files directly from their device.
  • Access your computer or device remotely – FolderShare mobile access allows you to access your computer from any web browser.
Any restrictions? We’ll let you decide…
  • Share files up to 2 GB in size
  • Unlimited file transfers – no limits on quantity or size of files transferred
  • Any file type – files are synced and transferred in their original format

How much does it cost?

FolderShare is now free of charge.

Another Nifty Thrifty Tool

As I was browsing through Google Reader I came upon another useful tool for those who need to share files with other people. FileUrls is a very useful tool when the file you want to share is too large or the file is too small to post on the web. Whether you are working on a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting or you are a photographer needing to get files from another computer, FileUrls is a website that you need to add to your favorites or bookmarks. Basically it is a service that gives you a custom URL that you can give to anyone.  The largest file you can upload to FileURLs is 250MB, so don’t expect it to be the ideal service for sharing your movie collection with your friends. There are no social aspects to the service either, meaning you can’t see what other people have uploaded.

 The service is incredibly simple: You browse to the file you want to share, select how long you want the file to live on FileURLs’ servers (maximum is 7 days), and upload it. You can choose to make the file password protected if you want added security. You can watch the file progress as it’s uploaded to FileURLs, and once the upload is complete, the service returns a custom URL that you can send to anyone who needs to download your file. If you’ve created a password for the file, recipients will be prompted for it before they download. If not, the service works as easily for the recipient as it did for you–they copy/paste the URL into their browser and they’ll see a link to download your file.


Online File Conversion

I discovered a gem of a website a few weeks ago after reading one of our organizations blogs. The website is . Basically it is a free online file conversion website. This is a very handy application to have because many times you may need a specific file, let’s say a Word doc file, to be a PDF file. If you go to this website you are able to convert the Word file to a PDF file in just minutes. Sometimes there is a little wait, but it is free so no complaining on my part. Here are some file formats that Zamzar converts:

  • Document formats
  • Image formats
  • Music formats
  • Video formats
  • Compressed formats

There is a maximum upload of 100 mb which can be split between up to five different files.  The process of converting a file is simple:

  1. Select the file to convert.
  2. Choose the format to convert to.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Click on convert.

In a matter of minutes or sometimes longer you will receive an email message containing the link to your new file.

Online File Management

Have you ever wondered whether there was a storage system that you could use regardless of where you were? I am not speaking of the USB Flash Drives or floppy disks but of something that has the ability to transfer and store huge amounts of files without having to have an additional device. The downside to this is that you must be connected to the Internet. I have been using an online file management program for quite awhile now and I find it quite useful in keeping up with important files. This is not to say that I don’t have a backup on my USB, because I do. The online storage program simply makes it easier to access important files wherever you are. Not only can you access and store important files but you can also transfer files to another individual.

I have been using as my online storage program. It is very useful as I mentioned above as you can access, store or transfer any file that you desire. They have three different user levels. They are:

  • Individual 
  • Business
  • Enterprise

There are also several different plans. You can get a free 1 gigabyte of storage or you may opt to pay a monthly fee for more storage depending on your needs.