Google Docs

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Word without spending a dime? You don’t have to look any further than your web browser. With Google Docs not only can you create a new document, presentation or spreadsheet you can also share it with your colleages and/or friends. Google Docs also allows users to upload previously created documents. In order to use this service you must create a Google account which involves no more than giving your name, email address and country of residency. Both you and the person who wants to view the document must have accounts with Google. The best part of this is…it’s FREE!

Google is constantly making changes to its services and Google Docs is not different. Just recently Google has added literally hundreds of templates which you can use in creating a document, presentation or spreadsheet.

Go to Google now and watch the short video on “Google Docs in Plain English”. This should answer any questions that you may have.

Black History Month Online Resources

February is Black History Month and the Birmingham Public Library is well-prepared for this annual event. There are several online databases available on the Birmingham Public Library’s website. To access the free databases click on the “Databases” link, which is located at the top of the page. Once there you can have immediate access to “Black History” resources by scrolling down to the “Subject” list and selecting “African American”. This will immediately take you to a listing of all African American Resources or databases available only through the Birmingham Public Library and the Jefferson County Library Cooperative.


Another resource for Black History Month can be found by going to the Library of Congress website. Here you can find a wealth of information on Black History. Of course, you can always “Google” Black History Month and find a few helpful websites.

Save Energy…Use Blackle

What is Blackle and how can it save you energy? In its most basic form Blackle is Google but with a black background instead of the eye-piercing white you see when conducting a search. It was created by Heap Media and the basic concept surrounding the use of Blackle is this: Blackle saves energy by using a black background instead of the white we have all become familiar with. It takes more energy and power to display the white Google background.

Even though the savings is small, the savings do add up over time. Every time that we open Blackle, we will be reminded that we need to keep doing small steps to conserve energy.

To take a look at Blackle, click here.

Free Web-Based Word Processing and More

Everyone knows about Google the search engine but not everyone is aware that Google offers FREE web-based word processing and much more. It is true! Google offers a web-based alternative to Microsoft Office or other office suites. When several people start sending documents back and forth to each other over the Internet, it is easy to lose track of what version of spreadsheet or word processor you are using. Google Docs and Spreadsheets keeps documents current and lets the people you chose update files from their own computers.

You can:

  1. Create basic documents and spreadsheets from scratch.
  2. Upload your existing files.
  3. Choose who can access your documents and spreadsheets.
  4. Share instantly.
  5. Edit with others in real time.
  6. Organize your documents.
  7. Edit from anywhere.
  8. Safely store your work.
  9. Easily save and export copies.
  10. Publish your work as a web page.
  11. Control who can see your pages.
  12. Post your documents to your blog.
  13. Publish within your company or group.

 Check out this link:






Ditch Google??

Yes, you have read it. I am seriously considering ditching Google and going for a more sophisicated search engine. Not to say that I am going to totally stop using Google but I have found another search engine that has impressed my socks off. This time last week I would have never given a thought to abandoning my old friend Google but times are ‘achanging and even with technology we have to be subject to some change.

What has prompted me to make such drastic measures? Or a better question would be what search engine has enticed me with their offerings that they bring. The answer is:

Since last week has changed dramatically. It is better known as Ask3D this week. Don’t try to use that as your URL. The URL has remain the same. 3D does not mean that you need red and blue glasses to view it. The 3D stands for the three dimensions of searching—query expression, investigating results, and digging deeply into content. Before you had to visit three different pages or websites to search all dimensions. Now it is all available on one page for your viewing pleasure.


Unique Features of

  • A More Modern Homepage
  • Skins to Personalize your Homepage

These two features themselves are enough for me to warrant a change in search engines but if you don’t like all the frills that offers consider the functionality of what offers:

  • Basic Web Search
  • Image Search
  • Blog Search
  • Stock Search
  • Movie Search
  • Dictionary Search
  • Famous People Search
  • Conversions
  • Shopping Search
  • Weather Search

You can visit to see more features of this innovating search engine.