Twitter with BPL

The Birmingham Public Library now has a Twitter account. Twitter is considered to be a microblogging website. In the most simpliest terms, it is a cross between instant messaging and blogging. As a “Twitter” user you post things that are going on in your world. These posts can not be more than 140 characters long. As a “Twitter” you can “follow” other Twitters by clicking on “Follow” below their name. One word of caution: in order to do this you must be a registered user of Twitter. So before doing anything else, become a registered user of Twitter. As you Twitter you may have people that like what you write and so they decide to “follow” you. When sending a “Tweet”, that is what a message is called, you can also include a URL. Tweeter converts the URL to a smaller version of it using TinyURL.

As a Twitter you can follow what the Birmingham Public Library is doing. Just do a search for “BPL” and you should get a listing with BPL included. Just click on “follow” and soon thereafter you will be receiving Tweets from BPL. The address for the BPL website is: