Keyboarding Tip

Here’s a keyboarding tip for you…

Have you ever noticed that some of the keys on your keyboard is a little bumpy? Well, that is because two of the keys on the home row of your keyboard have a bumpy little line on it. This line does serve a purpose. For beginners to the keyboard, these lines on keys “F” and “J” serve as a tool to help position your hands on your keyboard correctly. The correct way to position your hands on the keyboard is by placing your left index finger on the letter “F” and your right indext finger on the letter “J”. Without looking at the keyboard you can feel around until you feel the two bumps. These bumps indicated where your hands should be placed on the keyboard.

Adding Screenshots

Adding Screenshots to documents and presentations is really easy. Just follow these simple steps to add a screenshot image similar to this one:

 PowerPoint Screen Shot

  • To capture the screen image, simply press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It is usually located in the upper right corner and sometimes labeled “Prt Scrn.”
  • Open the document or presentation you want to place the image into.
  • Click “paste” on the standard toolbar.
  • Treat the screen shot just like any other image.
  • You can also paste the image in Microsoft Paint or another image editing software and make changes to it.