Hotmail Registration Problems

For numerous years I have held email accounts at most of the typical places where you would find webmail. I have had accounts with both Yahoo! and Hotmail and during the course of years prior to this year, the registration process has always been a bit difficult to handle.  Mostly this was due to the issue of creating a username which would be unique from anyone elses’. This may not sound like a big deal to you but try working with around 10-15 people at once and you will then realize that it can be very difficult in creating a username that is difference from everyone elses’.  If you are an experienced web-based email holder, you may be all too well familiar with the headaches and pain of creating the perfect “username”. 

In the past, Hotmail guided you through the first series of questions which included the creation of the “username”. After you finished this first series of questions, you then would click on “continue” to continue to the next section of the registration procedures. At this point is when problems would occur. It would say that “such and such username” is already in use and to please create another one. It would even give you suggestions as to what you could use for a username. If you didn’t want to use the suggested usernames, you could simply create another one. This process would go on and on until a username was finally created.

Well, within the last few months Hotmail has changed their registration procedures, which has made it a whole lot easier to create an account. Instead of waiting until you continued to the next page to find out whether your username was already taken, you now can found out on the first page of the registration. Here is what you get instead:


Beneath the “username” box you have “Check Availability” which allows you to check the availability of the username. In fact, if the username is not available, it will tell you so and you will have to try something else.

Class Registration

We are currently out of computer brochures for the January-June schedule. We are expecting our new brochures, which will cover the months of July-November, in a week or two. In the meantime you can look at The Reader to see a listing of classes being offered after the month of June. As always, if you need to register for classes please give us a call at 205-226-3799 or 205-226-3798.