Keyboarding Tip

Here’s a keyboarding tip for you…

Have you ever noticed that some of the keys on your keyboard is a little bumpy? Well, that is because two of the keys on the home row of your keyboard have a bumpy little line on it. This line does serve a purpose. For beginners to the keyboard, these lines on keys “F” and “J” serve as a tool to help position your hands on your keyboard correctly. The correct way to position your hands on the keyboard is by placing your left index finger on the letter “F” and your right indext finger on the letter “J”. Without looking at the keyboard you can feel around until you feel the two bumps. These bumps indicated where your hands should be placed on the keyboard.

Kathy’s Tip of the Day


How do you turn a scantly filled two-page resume into a abundant one-page resume?

Trick question!? No, it is just a question that requires some thoughtful consideration and some handy computer skills that you will be able to use for a lifetime.

Well, today I am going to use a real life example that I encountered today. This person had a resume that she was trying to submit online to a job bank. The person who she was working with before she came here told her that she needed to redo her resume because there was a huge gap between sections on her resume. Needless to say this lady didn’t want to do this and I don’t blame her. First of all, there is no need to redo a resume because there is a gap within the resume. You simply make changes to the document so that there isn’t a gap anymore. So here are some tips and tricks you can use to make a two page resume into a one page resume.

  1. Check the size of your font. The standard size font for most business papers is a size 12. If it is larger than a size 12 then shrink it to a size 12. You will find that this will help in the majority of cases. Sometimes, though, the changing of the font size does not make any difference. On to tip 2 then…
  2. Change your font style. Sometimes even though your font size is on size 12, different fonts will appear smaller even though they are the same size. Take in mind, though, that you don’t want something totally outlandish for a resume. Keep in tame but look for a font that could possibly make the entire body of the resume smaller.
  3. You could also try condensing your resume body by eliminating anything that could possibly be left unsaid. Today, I was not successful in doing that but for some people you might find something that could be eliminated.
  4. Change your margins, if they can be changed.
  5. With this last tip make sure that your formatting symbols are showing. For formatting symbol, resize each one until you get all your information on that one page.

By using a combination of all the above mentioned methods we were successful in making a  two page resume into one page. Now I would not try this with a resume that clearly had enough information to fill two pages. This particular persons resume was just a “tiny, tiny” bit over the one page. In this particular case we were able to help her and send her away very happy.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips.