Keyboarding Tip

Here’s a keyboarding tip for you…

Have you ever noticed that some of the keys on your keyboard is a little bumpy? Well, that is because two of the keys on the home row of your keyboard have a bumpy little line on it. This line does serve a purpose. For beginners to the keyboard, these lines on keys “F” and “J” serve as a tool to help position your hands on your keyboard correctly. The correct way to position your hands on the keyboard is by placing your left index finger on the letter “F” and your right indext finger on the letter “J”. Without looking at the keyboard you can feel around until you feel the two bumps. These bumps indicated where your hands should be placed on the keyboard.

Our Purpose…

There are many purposes for this blog.  First, we want to provide the highest quality of service to our patrons.  This high quality of service will consist of up-to-date information about the ongoing classes that we offer in the Regional Library Computer Center. It will also consist of tips or tricks that we have found handy in various software programs that we want to pass on to you, our reader.

We have added several features to this blog. First we have a section that lists the computer classes. We also have a section that contains a link to the actual handout that you will receive if you attend one of our classes. There is also a section that lists any tutorials that we have found useful in developing our computer skills.

Please stay tuned for more information from the RLCC.