Do You Twitter?

A few months ago I launched a new service in connection with the Birmingham Public Library and the Regional Library Computer Center. It is called Twitter. When it was first introduced, I blogged about it so if you need a refresher on what Twitter is, check the archives of this blog.

For the purpose of this blog entry I will define Twitter. Twitter is a Web 2.0 technology, more specifically a micro-blogging website which allows users to type in short messages (140 characters or less) to their friends, family and/or co-workers. We have used Twitter to advertise special events going on throughout the Birmingham Public Library as well as the Regional Library Computer Center. Twitter is fun and easy to use and I encourage you, if you haven’t already to establish a Twitter account and follow us. When you choose to follow someone on Twitter you are choosing to receive updates from that Twitterer as they make updates. Usually when you decide to follow a Twitterer, that person in turn will follow you. The links listed below will take you to the Twitter website where you can create your own account. I am also including a link to the Birmingham Public Library’s Twitter page.

Twitter with BPL

The Birmingham Public Library now has a Twitter account. Twitter is considered to be a microblogging website. In the most simpliest terms, it is a cross between instant messaging and blogging. As a “Twitter” user you post things that are going on in your world. These posts can not be more than 140 characters long. As a “Twitter” you can “follow” other Twitters by clicking on “Follow” below their name. One word of caution: in order to do this you must be a registered user of Twitter. So before doing anything else, become a registered user of Twitter. As you Twitter you may have people that like what you write and so they decide to “follow” you. When sending a “Tweet”, that is what a message is called, you can also include a URL. Tweeter converts the URL to a smaller version of it using TinyURL.

As a Twitter you can follow what the Birmingham Public Library is doing. Just do a search for “BPL” and you should get a listing with BPL included. Just click on “follow” and soon thereafter you will be receiving Tweets from BPL. The address for the BPL website is: