Online File Conversion

I discovered a gem of a website a few weeks ago after reading one of our organizations blogs. The website is . Basically it is a free online file conversion website. This is a very handy application to have because many times you may need a specific file, let’s say a Word doc file, to be a PDF file. If you go to this website you are able to convert the Word file to a PDF file in just minutes. Sometimes there is a little wait, but it is free so no complaining on my part. Here are some file formats that Zamzar converts:

  • Document formats
  • Image formats
  • Music formats
  • Video formats
  • Compressed formats

There is a maximum upload of 100 mb which can be split between up to five different files.  The process of converting a file is simple:

  1. Select the file to convert.
  2. Choose the format to convert to.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Click on convert.

In a matter of minutes or sometimes longer you will receive an email message containing the link to your new file.

Bloglines Instructional Video

A blog reader is a tool which is used to store all “RSS” feed from your favorite blogs. This is a convenient method of storing all “RSS” feed you are interested in without having to go to each blog site each day. You can just make one trip to your blog reader and be done with it. There are many choices in blog readers. The two that I am most familiar with are Bloglines and the Google Reader. Each has its merits and I would recommend either one without any hesitation at all.  With this blog entry I have included a short video clip illustrating how to use Bloglines to subscribe to a blog.