Back to Basics: Beginner Computer Classes offered for November

How do you turn this on? Why is this called a mouse? Why is it called Windows, and where are the curtains?

It seems that practically everything we do uses a computer. For many who have never dealt with a computer, these every-day operations can be daunting. Just the terminology alone can send someone screaming back to the pre-Y2K hills!

The Regional Library Computer Center offers basics courses to introduce people to computers. The courses and trainers help technology newbies become less intimidated with working on a PC. All it requires in taking the first step and then one-step at a time. It takes time and practice.

For those who have had a class or more under their belt, here are some web sites for practice. The more you become familiar with the basics, the sooner you can take the next step.

Mouse Exercises Tutorials:

Typing Tutorials:

  • TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. TypingWeb includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification.
  • This website had typing tutorials and a typing speed test. There is also a kids section. You do need to enter an email address to register for this site. The only drawback is the advertising on the site, which gives it a cluttered appearance.
  • The virtual keyboard allows you to practice your touch typing skills. Go to the site, select your keyboard, and give it a try.
  • This website has typing lessons that also provide feedback when you make a mistake. You can see how fast and how accurate you are typing. Make sure you look for the QWERTY link for lessons on the QWERTY keyboard. Begin with lesson 1 and proceed as you wish.
  • With 15 lessons, you can begin with lesson 1 and graduate to lesson 15. You can take your time

November classes are also open for registration. All classes are held in the Regional Library Computer Center, located on the fourth floor of the Linn-Henley Research Building. Registration is required for all classes. Please note that we will not offer classes in December.

Internet Safety Videos

We do so many things on the internet, from searches to shopping. However, how safe are we out there in the World Wide Web? What precautions do you take to ensure your Internet safety? Here are two videos that will help you learn basic strategies to keep your safe.

Happy surfing, and stay safe!

Registration Open for September RLCC Classes

When working with Excel 2010, there are options to assist the user in creating a spreadsheet. Templates not only save time but provide a basis to customize a spreadsheet according to the user’s needs and wants. Many times, these templates are already designed with formats and formulas that are included into the spreadsheet.

To use a template, follow these steps:

  1. Click the File tab. This will take you to the “Backstage” view.
  2. Once there, select New. You will see templates. A preview of the template appears on the right.
  3. Select the template of your choice and click Download or Create, and customize according to your needs.

Excel 2010 will be the featured program in September, offering a class on home budgets using templates.


Registration is now open for staff and the public for the September 2014 Regional Library Computer Center classes. All classes are held in the Regional Library Computer Center (RLCC) of the Central (downtown) LibraryPRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES.

To register for a class: (Please note that registration does not necessarily guarantee you a spot in the class. Please call to confirm.)

  1. Complete name, address and phone information. PLEASE PRINT.
  2. Place a check mark in the check box next to the class(es) you would like to attend.
  3. Return the entire form to a staff person in the Public Computer Services department.
  4. You may also send an email to or use the online form to register.